Bodybuilder Th-Resa(5'6" 180lbs)


Joanna Needham(5'10" 176lbs)


Th-Resa was a Nationally ranked Bodybuilder with size and power ! She was Ripped and had some REAL power. She was strong and quick from both the up and the down positions and had great balance,

Here she is taking on Former American Gladiator and martial artist Joanna Needhan. She was a great athlete with good power, and very good wrestling technique.

This match w. from the very start to the very end

It pits Joanna wrestling and martial arts skills against Th-Resa's pure power and incredible balance

Lots of down action on the mat and long slow holds.

This video is for sale for $25. 18 Minutes of real wrestling . OR YOU CAN GET THIS MATCH AND HER MATCH VERSUS LEONARD BOTH ARE ONLY $30

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