Raven 5'6" 130lbs

VS Jacqueline (5'6" 136lbs)

Raven was one of the top lightweight wrestlers in the world. She was long, lean, and had incredible leg scissors that she could put on from any angle and when she started to squeeze she had incredible power. She was extremely flexible and had great balance on the wrestling mat and could get out of most holds and reverse them on her opponent

Jacqueline, a fiery redhead, has many of the same skills as Raven. She was even taller and longer and had very good balance and had great scissor holds also. She has incredible endurance it could take a lot of pain so often she would escape a lot of the wrestling holds that were put on her. So both of these wrestlers were almost mirror images of each other

There is a lot of great down action in this wrestling match with a lot of great scissor holds and escapes and then putting the opponent of a scissor hold

Two of the most beautiful wrestlers in the world with some of the leanest, longest hottest bodies in action And with hold after hold being put on

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