Bodybuilder Christine Marshall(5'4" 155lbs)


Kristie(5'4" 158lbs) & Kimber 5'6" 165lbs


Christine Marshall was a Nationally ranked MiddleWeight Bodybuilder, And she was a great wrestler with size and power !

She was always Ripped and had some REAL power to go with her wrestling moves. She was very quick, had great endurance, and wrestled hard to the end

Here she is taking on wrestler Kristie who has great experience, is extremely quick and really has explosive power And when Kristie clamps Oon her scissors on somebody they can feel it Immediately. It is like a vice

She then takes on bodybuilder Kimber who had a great bill for wrestling, had good power, but was just learning how to use it

This match has lots of up and down action on the mat and explosive moves that are finished with long slow holds.


This video is for sale for $35. 38 Minutes of real wrestling action with two matches.

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