Christine Dupree(5'6" 132lbs)


Bodybuilder Kelly Dobbins (5'4" 138lbs)


Christine was one of the most beautiful Wrestlers in the world. I worked with her for a good number of years and she was a great wrestler to work with, for she got better each year. She always was in shape and willing to work hard. She had great scissor hold And could really bend and stretch her body to get it all and when she did she was strong enough to keep it on until they gave up

Kelly Dobbins was a very pretty bodybuilder athlete who also had a background in jujitsu. She was in a much lighter weight for this match and she was later on in her career. But her weight Aand skill level was made for a perfect match against Christine

They really have some great action from both the up and down position and they were both quick and strong enough so there is constant action during the entire match

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