Angela Faith (5'2" 132lbs )

Wrestling vs

Chris Coombs(5'3" 131lbs)

Angela is one of the top lightweight wrestlers in the world. She's in great shape, has been practicing wrestling technique for three years, has had dozens of matches and she's a fanatic about her diet

But Chris is a former nationally ranked gymnast and works as a dancer and she simply is in stupendous shape, can do the splits easily and put her body in any position she wants, because of her background she has excellent balance, flexibility, and surprising power

The action in this wrestling match is absolutely nonstop because both women are in excellent shape and can go for hours. They can put a hold on very easily but because of their flexibility they also can escape most holds very easily

The action in this video is nonstop with two of the most beautiful, conditioned, and excellent athletes in the world. And they have two of the hottest bodies also

This video is for sale for $25. 22 Minutes of real wrestling

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