Bodybuilder Kasie Cavanaugh 5'8" 172lbs

VS Freestyle wrestler Tamie (5'10" 167lbs)

Kasie is one of the top Bodybuilder- Wrestlers in the world. She is a former Gymnast and she had excellent balance and great power from any position she was in. I worked out with her a few times and she was VERY GOOD.

Tamie is former ranked high school athlete who took up wrestling two years before this match. She has good size, good balance, pretty clean technique, and LOVES to get on the mat. She is very aggressive and likes the action

These two lock up immediately and it is non-stop action from the start. Lots of up and down action but Tamie learns quickly that Kasie is SO GOOD from the down position and has Killer Scissor holds

The action is real and nonstop Tamie does NOT like to rest and is ready to go as soon as one of them has a submission. Lots of scissor holds

This video is for sale for $25. 24 Minutes of real wrestling

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