Debra DeAndrea 7/10

Debra is simpy one of the most awesome physical specimens I have ever seen or worked out with!! She is incredible. She is one of the strongest female athletes in the world and she also is incredibly flexible. As a former dancer her leg strength is enough to crack most peoples bones. When she puts you in a head scissors you will be tapping out in a rapid fire hurry. There are probably only a few wrestlers in the world that can keep up with her, and since she is also a true athlete she also has some incredible wrestling moves and endurance.

She is always training and on the go. Meaning she is ALWAYS IN SHAPE and ready to tangle. She also simply loves life and doing things. So you will be meeting a young Lady who has a great personality and is a pure pleasure to be around.

Her match with Christine Marshall on 6/28/03 was simply awesome! Pure Power wrestling at its best!! If you tangle with her and get caught in her head scissors be ready to tape out as fast as you can before you see stars.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 158 lbs.
Biceps: 15"
Quads: 25"
Calves: 15"
Shoe size: 8

And her contact info is: