You will never be able to get the physical results you will get from wrestling in any other sport. Yoiu are trying to gain control of your opponent or make them submitt.

Therefore you are not counting reps, laps, or time. You will be totally focused on rolling with your opponent and gaining control. That means you can push yourself much harder to compete than you can by doing any type of exercoise by yourself.





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Real wrestling! No Striking, kicking, or joint locks Our wrestling matches go 25-40 minutes.

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We start on our knees and we go for 20-25 minutes. It is the best workout in the world. You will use every muscle in your body from your fingers to your toes.

This sport and the workouts involved are LOW IMPACT and anerobic in using and building muscles and aerobic in the fact that you will be using every bit of your energy and air supply each time you wrestle.